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Healthier alternatives to white sugar, Ayurveda approved!

By SOSE Organic & Natural

Conventional white sugar creates various health imbalances, so if you need to indulge your sweet toothe, go for Mishri, Jaggery Powder or Honey. In addition to being delicious, they also offer various health benefits!

Conventional white sugar is made using a range of chemicals which may include Sulphur dioxide, Phosphoric Acid, Calcium Hydroxide and Polycrylamides. These chemicals are known pollutants or neurotoxins and can be harmful to one’s health. A better alternative is organic white or brown sugar, which is made using natural substances. However, in order to get the full nutritional and medicinal benefits, one can consider using Honey, Rock sugar (also known as Mishri or Khadi sakar) or Jaggery Powder regularly in moderation. All these sweeteners are highly regarded in Ayurveda, and are also used as ingredients in various Ayurvedic medicines. Though one should use them only in organic form, as inorganic honey, rock sugar or jaggery may be as harmful as white sugar.

Rock sugar (Mishri or Khadi Sakar)

Mishri is made with raw sugar crystals processed in water and milk. It contains none of the chemicals used to manufacture conventional white sugar. According to Ayurveda -

1.    Mishri is highly regarded in Ayurveda for its cooling nature and ability to balance vata and pitta dosha.

2.    Rock sugar also improves vision, and helps to balance acid levels in the blood.

3.    It removes tiredness, improves strength and seminal fluid in males.

4.    Khadi sakar can also help as a laxative, and can help to treat vomiting and nausea.

How to use – One may use this as a substitute for regular white sugar.

Precautions – Khadi sakar can be very cooling and should be used in moderation. People with diabetes should exercise caution.

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Jaggery powder 

Jaggery is a type of unrefined sugar wherein molasses are not removed. As per Ayurveda jiggery offers the following health benefits –

1.    Jaggery helps to balance vata and pitta dosha.

2.    It cleanses bladder and urine, and is also a blood purifier.

3.    It increases strength and body fat.

4.    Jaggery is a good source of B vitamins and minerals such as iron, calcium, magnesium, etc.

How to use – One may use this as a substitute for regular white sugar. Do not directly heat it with milk as it may lead to spoiling of milk.

Precautions – Jaggery should be stored safely else it may cause worm infestation. It should also be used in moderation. People with diabetes should exercise caution.

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Honey offers a powerhouse of health benefits. According to Ayurveda, below are some of the health benefits offered by honey.

1)    Honey penetrates deep into the body, improving bio-availability of substances taken with it. Hence, many Ayurvedic medicines are adviced to be taken with honey.

2)    Honey also has natural anti-bacterial properties, and is useful to treat respiratory infections.

3)    Honey is good for skin, vision, voice quality and digestive fire.

4)    Honey is a great detoxifier, it cleans the inner channels of the body.

How to use – Honey may be added to cool drinks or foods such as milk, fruit or yoghurt. It may also be consumed with lemon, turmeric or ginger during periods of illness.

Precautions – Honey should not be heated or added to hot drinks. According to Ayurveda, heating honey creates toxins in the body.

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