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Introducing SOSE Organic Masala Dalia Khichdi mix - ancient, authentic, lip-smackingly delicious, ready in minutes!

By SOSE Organic & Natural

Khichdi is derived from a sanskrit word खिच्चा or khiccā, which literally means a meal made from boiled rice & legumes. Khichdi finds a mention in some of the most ancient Ayurvedic texts, and is described as being "balya" i.e. promoting strength as well as "buddhi vardhak" i.e. promotes memory. Since ancient times, Khichdi has been a favourite of the royalty as well as the poor man. 

In modern times, khichdi has acquired the reputation of being a "food for the sick". But the truth is khichdi is a Chef's delight, and since ages and across geographies this dish has inspired an infinite number of different variations. This dish is popular as "khichdi" in Gujarat and the Hindi Heartland, "khichuri" in West Bengal, "khechidi" in Orissa, "bise bille bhat" in Tamil Nadu and "khasar" in Kashmir.

SOSE Organic & Natural brings you another exciting version of ancient khichdi - SOSE Organic Masala Dalia Khichdi mix. Instead of rice, this khichdi is based on organic moong dal & organic wheat dalia (broken wheat) which is packed with protein, vitamins and minerals. This mix includes potent organic spices which are known to improve digestion, reduce inflammation, improve immunity and aid in detoxification. The spices are blended in perfect proportions to give you an authentic, healthy, lip smacking, mouth watering dalia masala khichdi.

How to use - SOSE Organic Masala Dalia Khichdi gets ready in minutes!

Cooking Time - About 15-25 minutes:
- Add 1 pack of SOSE Masala Dalia Khichdi to 750 ml of water.
- Set heat on low to medium flame for 15 to 20 minutes.
- Stir and add water if desired for a soupier khichdi.
- Continue cooking for an additional 5 minutes if desired, or till the dalia and dal have softened and come together.

Additional cooking notes - 1) To enhance taste, add 2 tbsp of desi bilona ghee or white butter. 2) Garnish with vegetables if desired.

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