Why is GIR Askamrut such a potent remedy for female health problems?
21 April, 2020 by
Why is GIR Askamrut such a potent remedy for female health problems?
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By Bansi Gir Gauveda

In Gir Askamrut, Ashoka herb, the 'reliever of sorrows', combines with Divine Gomutra in a proprietary process that creates a highly effective remedy for women's health problems.

What is GIR Askamrut? Its origins and spiritual background:

Whenever we discuss health problems in general and female health concerns, it may be necessary to also think about the larger context of the modern society we live in. Modern humanity suffers from some of the same problems which Dharti Ma and Gaumata suffer. With stressed lifestyles driven by rampant commercialism, both of these Divine entities suffer due to human ignorance, insensitivity, exploitation, and neglect. There is an influx of synthetic chemicals in modern farming practices, reducing land fertility with its consequent stress on farmer incomes. There is similarly an influx of so-called modern 'scientific techniques' to increase milk 'production' due to which life expectancy and fertility of Gaumata have declined. Humanity suffers from similar problems, as there is a rise in health concerns related to women, with an increase in hormonal irregularities, pain, fertility and gynaecological issues.

But as we see at The Gaushala and with farmers and Gau-Premi's who are working to reverse this decline, with a gradual revival of Vedic Gopalan and Gau-Krushi (organic Gaumata based farming), we also see a resurgence in health and vitality of Gaumata and Her offsprings, along with an improvement in soil fertility. We firmly believe that 'GIR Askamrut' the capsule is a result and fruit of this revival in Vedic Gopalan. It may hold the solution to many of the health challenges facing women today. Our view is supported by extremely encouraging results we have seen so far with our female patients who were put on Askamrut at our Gaushala Gau Adharit Ayurvedic Clinic.

So how are Ashoka and Gomutra useful for women?

In Sanskrit, the word 'Ashoka' literally means 'the one who grieves no more'. Ayurveda has given an apt name to a plant which can prove to be a wonder herb for women. Ashoka has been traditionally used to support a healthy female reproductive system. It is useful to support a healthy menstrual cycle, strengthen the uterus, soothe female reproductive organs' nerves and support healthy ovarian and endometrial tissue. In its essence, Ashoka is cooling in nature. It also helps in bleeding disorders, reduces abdominal colic as well as improve skin complexion.

Gomutra is one of the most potent medicines in Ayurveda. It has been described as "teekshna" or piercing and it penetrates deep into the tissues of the body. Gomutra Ghan can act as a bio enhancer, multiplying the effectiveness of herbs. Gomutra is heating in nature, improves digestion strength and intelligence, and aids in regular detoxification of the body.

What makes Gir Askamrut so effective? Proprietary preparation and Vedic Gopalan:

1) In Askamrut, the wonder herb Ashoka is processed with a proprietary method in Gomutra, as a result of which its healing phytochemicals penetrate deep into the tissues. This process is developed over many years of research and extensive consultations with leading Ayurvedacharya's of Bharat. It effectively exploits the healing qualities of Ashoka with bio enhancing properties of Gomutra.

2) Of equal significance is the Gomutra in which Ashoka is processed. Gomata holds tremendous significance both in the spiritual Vedic texts as well as Ayurvedic medicine. Outputs of Gomata who are looked after in a non-exploitative Vedic approach holds special importance. The Gomutra used in Gir Askamrut is taken from healthy desi Gir Gomata's of Bansi Gir Gaushala who are looked after using a Vedic approach.

Benefits - so what happens when Ashoka combines with Divine Gomutra in our proprietary process?

Here are some of the results we have witnessed with patients who were put on Askamrut at our Gaushala Clinic -

Ø  It helps in relieving painful dysmenorrhea, swelling and pain at any site of the body.

Ø  In females, it is very effectively used to regularize hormones and menstrual cycles.

Ø  Improves strength and stamina in young females having menstrual irregularities like dysmenorrhea and leucorrhea.

Ø  When combined with Gir Saundarya capsules, Askamrut can also be very useful in treating acne in females.

How to use - Askamrut can be taken on an empty stomach with warm water in the morning, and before going to bed. Dosage is one capsule for ages between 7-14 years and two capsules for ages above 14 years or as directed by the Physician.

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Why is GIR Askamrut such a potent remedy for female health problems?
Suryan Organic 21 April, 2020