GIR Pranada Churna 100gm
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Benefits :
• Helps Improve Digestion System
• Helps Reduce Rejuvenation
• Helps Improve Body Wellness

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    Product Description :-

    (Haritaki + Gir Gau Ghee)

    • Complete Wellness |
    • Digestion |
    • Rejuvenation

    GIR Pranada Churna is specially designed formula with synergistic action of Haritaki(specially picked chalis Harde) and Gir Gau Ahinsak Ghee. As per Ayurveda,Haritaki helps in reducing the pile mass and reducing bleeding. It is very useful in Hemorrhoids & help to ease bowel movements. As per Ayurveda, there are seven types of Haritaki-Vijaya,Rohini,Putana,Amruta,Jivanti and Chetaki. We at Bansi gir Gauveda procure special grade of Haritaki called Chaligi (40 fruits in 400gram) which is best quality Haritaki available in market and process it with Gir Gau Ahinsak Ghee. Haritaki is best for purifying the channels of the body that is called ''Srotoshodhan".It helps to improve the digestive system and helps in healthy digestion of food.

    हरीतकी मनुष्याणां मातैव हितकर्णि

    Haritaki is beneficial for humans like a Mother.

    Haritaki from a Modern Scientific Perspectiv

    वि धि भिः शृतंशृ तं सहस्त्रवी र्यं,र्यं कर्मसर्म हस्त्रकृत च भवति

    Key Benefits :-

    Bowel care

    Indication :-

    Constipation, Helps in detoxification

    Direction of Use :-

    Child (10 to 15 year) :- 1 spoon with luke warm water at night bed time

    Adult :- 1 spoon with luke warm water at night bed time.

    Old :- Half spoon with luke warm water at night bed time.

    What to Take :-

    Diet that will be good for this patients that is Take high fibre food like oats, fibrous fruits like orange, sweet lime, apples & bananas and fibrous veg like broccoli, carrots, leafy green veggies, Brown rice , Beans , Lentils , nuts like walnut & almonds. Use natural laxative like ghee in food.

    What Not to Take :-

    Food items that are not recommended to this patients that are:-Chips & other low fibre snacks, Meat prepared food such as boxed & frozen meals, fast foods items, processed foods hot Dogs Not to take Cross combination Food e.g. Onion & Milk.

    Lifestyle Changes :-

    Do's :- Physical exercise regularly may help to relive. Proper hydration is necessary. Take proper sleep.

    Don't :- Avoid late nigh awaking.

    Key Ingredients :-

    Haritaki, Gir Gau Ahinsak Ghee

    Product Video :-

    Balance your holistic well-being with the Ayurvedic benefits of Pranada Churna :-


    Ensure your holistic well-being and rejuvenate your body with our Pranada Churna that has been with a special synergy between special grade Haritaki and Shwet Ghrit.

    As per Ayurveda, Haritaki has special qualities that helps with digestive health.

    Consuming this Churna at night will help balance the various elements in your body.

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