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    This Gift Hamper include Below Product

    1 x Sidha Kisan Se Organic Black Pepper powder (Kali Mirch) 100gm
    1 x SOSE Organic Oregano 10g
    1 x SOSE Thyme 10g
    1 x SO GOOD Organic Penne Pasta 250gm
    1 x SOSE Organic Chili Flakes 40g
    1 x SO GOOD Organic Fusilli Pasta 250gm
    1 x SO GOOD Organic Macaroni Pasta 250gm


    Here you have different types of healthy pasta and other breakfasts. Which will give you an amazing taste.

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    SO GOOD Organic Fusilli Pasta 

    It is a perfect for those looking to maintain a healthy diet without compromising on taste.Make this quick and delicious, easy weeknight dinner! You will love this!

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    SO GOOD Organic Macaroni Pasta 

    Macaroni Pasta is the perfect foundation for a healthy, nutritious and satisfying meal. It is an awesome source of complex carbohydrates, releasing energy at a slow and sustained level.

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    SO GOOD Organic Penne Pasta 

    Penne Pasta made from Wheat and Semolina (Suji). Semolina is easily digested by the body due to its high protein content and low starch content. 

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    SOSE Organic Oregano 

    Organic Oregano include its ability to protect the immune system, prevent the onset of chronic disease, improve digestion, detoxify the body, strengthen the bones and improve heart health.

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    Sidha Kisan Se Organic Black Pepper powder (Kali Mirch) 

    Black Pepper Powder helps to improve your stomach's ability to digest foods and promotes intestinal health. It can be used with any type of cuisine. 

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    SOSE Organic Chili Flakes 

    Chilli Flakes are made from chilli which have a special aroma & flavour. Use them to spice up your meals and stay healthy! Chilli has tremendous significance in Bharatiya cuisine as well as Ayurveda.

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    SOSE Thyme  

    The flavour and smell of thyme enhances the cuisine it is used in, and gives dishes a delicacy that's not easy to achieve with any other herb.

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