GIR Asthi Churna 50gm

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    • Useful to treat Dengue
    • Boosts immunity System
    • Weight control
    • Reducing overeating.
    • Enhances digestive fire.

    Product Description :

    Arthritis Care, Respiratory, Immunity

    • Asthi Churna contains - Harsingar Churna, potentiated with Panch gavya tatva using a proprietary process consistent with the highest traditions of Gau Adharit Ayurveda.

    • GIR Asthi Churna is a powerful supplement which exploits the synergies inherent in Vedic Gopalan and Ayurveda. Various texts describe Harsingar Churna as Jvaraghna (treats fever), Vataghna (treats Vata dosha), Kaphaghna (treats Kapha dosha), Jantughna (destroys pathogens) and Vishaghna (removes toxins). 

    • As a result, this herb has been used since centuries to treat diseases arising from an imbalanced Vata, such as joint pains, many forms of arthritis and respiratory diseases triggered by Vata or Kapha dosha. 

    • Its therapeutic properties can also make it invaluable in treating communicable diseases and fevers such as viral infections, Dengue, Chikungunya and Malaria.


    • Harshringar Churna, Panch gavya tatva


    • Arthritis, fever, cold.


    • Adults  – 1 tablespoon, Children – ¼ tablespoon. To be taken in the morning with warm water or as directed by the Physician. 

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