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Brands: GIR

GIR Nasya

• Nasya helps in preventing bacterial activity • Extremely effective in treating a wide headache and stress • Nasya helps to clear breathing & snoring issues • Nasya helps to treating insomnia & brain related disorders • Nasya helps to clear cold, cough & asthma • Nasya helps to lubricate the nasal passage • Nasya helps to clean out mucus and sinuses • Nasya helps to improve voice • Nasya helps to mental clarity and vision

How to use:
Put 2 drops into each nostril before sleeping.

GIR Asthi Ghrit

• Body improves Vitamin - D
• Use Full In Skin smoothness
• Use full in Body Massage Ghee
• Usefull in urine Diseases Burning & Maturation, Urticaria (Skin Problem)

How to use:
Apply the Asthi Ghrit and gently massage all over the body. Sit back and forth in front of the sun, till the 15 to 20 min. on weekly basis.

GIR Ananta Churna

• Immunity Booster
• Use Full In Digestive System & high Cholesterol of Blood Pressure, Anemia, Antiviral & Anti Microbial
• Use full in women Problem, Prolactin Hormone Increaser, Insomnia, Heart Tonic & Stress Management
• Usefull in urine Diseases Burning & Maturation, Urticaria (Skin Problem)

How to use:
1 Tsp / 3 Part with warm water on an empty stomuch, or directed by physician.

GIR Giloy Gaumutra Capsule

• Enhance memory and intelligence
• For all types of joint and bone related disorders.
• Useful in rheumatoid arthritis.
• It prevents joint degradation and deformities.
• Also reduces swelling.

How to use:
1 or 2 capsule with warm water, or as directed by physician.

GIR Asthi Churna

• Useful to treat Dengue
• Boosts immunity System
• Weight control
• Reducing overeating.
• Enhances digestive fire.

How to use:
1 tablespoon with warm water, or as directed by physician

GIR Kamdhenu Asav

• Helps In Cough & Cold
• Helps In Asthama
• Use Full in Fever
• Use Full to Relieve Mucus congestion

How to use:
1-2 teaspoons with equivalent amount of water, or as directed by the physician.

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