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SOSE Organic Amaranth Muesli 300gm

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Benefits :

• Rich in fibre
• Good for diabetics
• Keeps you energetic
• Controls blood pressure
• Rich source of minerals
• Storehouse of vitamins
• Full of antioxidants
• Great source of protein
• Boosts immunity

Product Description:

Conventional Muesli is made with honey, which is harmful as per Ayurveda. Honey should not be heated as it can create toxins in the body. 

SOSE Organic Muesli is made using jaggery or organic sugar, not honey. It is the perfect & delicious way to satisfy your hunger and boost wellness! 

Consistent with Ayurvedic principles. 

No artificial colour, flavours or preservatives. Made with just natural or organic ingredients, and lots of love!