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VAMA Extra Virgin Coconut Oil 425gm

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    • Helps prevent hair loss
    • Fixes hair damage
    • Effectively moisturizes hair
    • An effective dandruff solution
    • Excellent protection against head lice

    • Product Description:-

    • VAMA Herbal & Natural

    • Vama Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is 100% Organic. Its purity retains the balance of essential nutrients with an authentic aroma of fresh coconuts.

    • It can be consumed internally or applied externally. It is an ideal moisturizer for the body, makes the skin smooth and well textured. When applied directly to the skin and hair before washing it makes an excellent conditioner.

    • It soothes dry sensitive skin and adds luster to damaged hair.

    • No synthetic chemicals, colours. No artificial fragrances.

    • Not tested on animals.

    • VAMA is a trendy personal care brand, offering one of the widest ranges of natural personal care & beauty products. In a world increasingly invaded by chemical & synthetic products, VAMA is an effort to bring nature back into your life.

    • Experience VAMA and allow yourself to feel your essential beauty,purity and well being.

    how to use

    • Warm a small amount in the hands and massage gently all over the face/body. Leave for 30 minutes, cleanse post treatment with a mild soap or body cleanser.

    • For hair, simply apply to scalp and gently massage hair from root to tip.

    • Leave for 20 minutes, cleanse post treatment with a mild hair cleanser and warm water.

    • Can be used from head to toe, by all skin and hair types.