Bathing Essentials: Remove toxins, embrace soaps that can really make you glow
29 February, 2020 by
Bathing Essentials: Remove toxins, embrace soaps that can really make you glow
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Bathing was a sacred daily ritual in ancient Bharat. Natural materials were used to cleanse the body and boost wellness. Consider removing synthetic soaps from your daily bathing routine, and rediscover your lost health, beauty and Self!

Did you know there are toxins lurking in your soaps & shampoos?

Modern life is infested with synthetic chemicals which find their way into almost everything we use or consume. While there is growing awareness about toxins contained in dietary products and their associated risks, consumers remain blissfully unaware about the risks of chemicals contained in personal care products like soap. What used to be a sacred daily ritual to cleanse & refresh the body and mind may have become a daily routine which brings even more toxins into the body. When we use soap, what is contained in the soap can be absorbed into the body either through skin pores, or through the nasal passages with its aroma. These toxins can build up over time and cause a range of health problems starting from hormonal disorders to accelerated aging.

According to GreenmedInfo, about 95% of fragrances used in industrial soap making are derived from petroleum products many of which are known to cause cancer, birth defects and damage to lungs, brain, eyes and nerves. Some chemicals such as toluene are listed as hazardous waste worldwide. There are other chemicals used to make the soap softer, to create a rich lather, impart artificial moisturizing properties, help the soap glide smoothly over the skin, impact exfoliating properties (such as micro-plastics used in shower gels) and to kill pathogens (which coincidentally also end up killing beneficial probiotic microbes on our skin). Synthetic soaps are also bad for the environment, as chemicals used are often non-biodegradable or damage the ecosystem.

But here’s the good news – you can use natural soaps which can help you cleanse and feel rejuvenated -

Well, but the good news is, you also have the option of buying completely natural soaps which are made from natural oils, herbs and fragrances which do not harm your body or the environment. In fact, many ingredients used in these soaps can provide extra benefits apart from helping you cleanse and freshen up your body. These soaps may be expensive compared with industrial chemical based products, but when used over a longer period can help you feel significantly better. For fragrance, natural soaps contain essential oils of flowers which are known to provide aromatherapy benefits.

SOSE offers a wide range of completely natural Soaps, Ubtans, Shower Gels and Shampoo’s from the Houses of Bansi Gir Gaushala and Vama. These soaps come in a wide range of options. These soaps are handmade with a unique combination of herbs and essential oils which have special healing qualities.

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Bathing Essentials: Remove toxins, embrace soaps that can really make you glow
Suryan Organic 29 February, 2020