Nasya – gateway to the mind, and everything above your shoulders…
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Nasya – gateway to the mind, and everything above your shoulders…
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By Bansi Gir Gau Veda

Gir Ahinsak Nasya improves the functioning of the brain, respiratory system, hair, vision and everything else above the shoulders. It can rejuvenate not just at the physical level, but at the level of spiritual consciousness…

Ayurveda recommends a daily practice of Nasya to maintain proper health. In the human body, nose is the gateway to the brain. Gir Ahinsak Nasya can penetrate the blood brain barrier and supply direct nutrition and energy to the brain and central nervous system. Nose is also the gateway for prana, the life force entering our body through the breath. Healthy uncongested breathing is important to ensure proper flow of prana throughout body. Gir Ahinsak Nasya helps to lubricate the nasal passages, and reduce congestion. Ghee is also the sattvic essence of Gau milk, and it helps to introduce a higher level of conscious awareness in one’s being, particularly when introduced into the body as Nasya.

Gir Ahinsak Nasya is made from ghee of a very rare and special breed of Gir Gaumata, and has special medicinal benefits. 

Ø  Beneficial for all maladies affecting part of the body above the shoulders.

Ø  Helps with problems like migraine and headache.

Ø  Promotes peaceful sleep, and reduces or eliminates snoring.

Ø  Helps with cold, cough and blocked nose.

Ø  Helps with anxiety and depression.

Ø  Also helps to deal with paralysis and unconsciousness.

How to use

1.    First, lie comfortably on your back with your head tilting back and your nostrils pointing vertically upwards. If required, you may hang your head off the edge of the bed, or place a small pillow beneath your neck for support.

2.    Place 3-5 drops of Gir Nasya in each nostril.

3.    Take a big sniff in, and then rest for a few minutes allowing the Gir Nasya to penetrate.

4.    If Gir Nasya has solidified, place it in a cup of hot water for few minutes before use. Though one must make sure the Nasya isn’t too hot, but just moderately warm or lukewarm.

Alternative use of Gir Ahinsak Nasya – nabhi chikitsa

Gir Ahinsak Nasya can also be applied on one’s nabhi or belly-button area. The navel or belly-button area holds tremendous significance in both Ayurveda and Hatha Yoga. This is the place from where we receive our first nourishment while in the womb. The nabhi is also rich in nerves & blood vessels and is connected well to the body’s extremities, including the brain, vision and the most significant digestive system. It makes imminent sense to massage this area with Gir Ahinsak Ghee for optimum health benefits.

How to use

1.    Before going to sleep at night - warm the oil by putting the bottle in a cup of hot water. Lie comfortably on your back.

2.    Apply a few drops on your nabhi and surrounding areas.

3.    Gently massage the nabhi and surrounding areas with your middle & ring finger with a clock wise and anti-clock wise circular motion.

Benefits - Applying Gir Ahinsak Nasya to one's nabhi as described above should result in improved digestion, help to balance vata and pitta in the stomach area, higher level of energy, better relaxation, improved vision as well as overall health.

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Nasya – gateway to the mind, and everything above your shoulders…
Suryan Organic 19 September, 2019